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Originally Posted by spiike32 View Post
Thanks for the responses! After reading your responses and also explaining what I wanted to do to a really good body shop in the chicago area... I've decided to keep the edge. It fits so nice and snug, I don't want to lose that.

Painted costs $100 + other touch ups on the car (I have some rock chips here and there).

People in other posts commented on success with Basonyr
Basonyr link

I used 99% positive feedback was very comforting. Interestingly, they ship the same exact way from other posts... makes me wonder. link

Lip is currently at the body shop being painted.. I pick it up on Wed and will post up some pics.
I'm glad you decoded to leave the edge. I also purchased an OEM replica front lip from a buddy of mine, whom, also purchased his lip from Ebay, for an awesome price. Fitment was pretty spot on, I would say about 98%, and ended up leaving the edges on so it would have a snug fit. Post some pics if you can after the car is finished!