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Originally Posted by Nikolas View Post

Peace! they are both great cars and the reality is the time difference between the two regardless of which is faster leaves it to the driver.
hey.....i agree on this 100%. i also think that all those laptime are just a bunch of bull. but i would like to believe CD people on this topic, because i am 100% positive that they know MUCH more then 99.9% of people in here. and just to let you know again, i am not the one who started this argument.....i personally dont care whats 1 sec faster then another, even though i did choose RWD for performance (mainly because i am coming from e46 M3). btw....I love driving in snow every chance i get, i also ski alot and therefore go up north often. M3 with studless winter tires was better then my A4 with performance winter set....(probably was a bad set, but still....)

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