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Originally Posted by Nikolas View Post
That page must have some errors. It also lists the 328i convertible with the same lap time at ranking 57. Must be an amazing driver considering both those times are faster than some cars that are normally much faster than both of those.
I was hoping that you would realize....but i guess not... Anyone can post laptimes over there, and M3 is not faster then Lamborgini, or Porsche Cayman S, or Ferrari, or R8. Just like xi is not faster then i. All those laptimes are posted by random people that might have not even driven the cars.

You probably didnt know that, but in order to get some remotely accurate numbers on track, the driver MUST be the same, road conditions MUST be the same, and air temp. also MUST be the same, and most importantly tires MUST be the same. I am sorry, I just dont understand how a person who knows something about cars can actually find those track numbers useful for an argument.......< if this is not clear, then arguing about x-drive vs rwd vs other awd is just pointless.

and just for the record N54 and N55 engines are almost identical in performance......some say N54 is faster and others say N55 is.......

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