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Originally Posted by Kolyan2k View Post
The problem is that its not just his opinion....

1. 90% of people in this thread (and XI owners) know that X-Drive is not for performance
2. Bimmermag stated that its not for performance
3. Car and Driver stated that 335i handles better then 335xi (pretty obvious that they tested and tracked on both)
4. And then there is M3 which for some weird reason is RWD....
5. NOT a single source said that XI is faster on track and/or a better track car.

In this whole thread there are 2 or 3 ignorant people that said XI has better performance, and they obviously dont know what they are talking about.

1. X-drive is not for performance but an 335xi is a car designed for performance. I wonder if you can understand that.
2. good for you
3. no facts, again they reinforce you opinion, they must be right. end of story.
4. not really sure why you think this is relevant to the discusion
5. um yeah they have been linked already

^ This ignorant post is the only reason why I made my 1st comment in this thread.
Nice, out of context. This approach is consistent with everything you type: Pull out what you want to believe and ignore as many facts as possible.

What i have been consistently trying to point out is that you don't sacrifice obtaining a performance car when you buy a 335xi. You have been doing an even better job lately of winning that arguement for me by posting these more recent laptimes. The closeness of the two cars (no matter who is in front of who) further illustrates that you can have your awd and your performance in one car. This car performs extraordinary feets at the track and in the snow. Those who tell you otherwise are ignoring the FACTS.