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Hi Snootch,

thanks for the posted results of the research you did.
I was looking for this piece of information some time.

I'm about to upgrade my E61 with the new CIC nav in the next weeks.
After that I will try to change the Toshiba HDD for a larger SSD.
To increase boot time, reliability and space for stored music files.

Did you have already the time to test upgrading of the HDD based on the step-by-step description you found?

Based on my research the following device is a very good choice:
- PhotoFast G-Monster 2,5" IDE V3 SSD 128 GB mit 64MB on-board cache
The fastest IDE SSD with already built-in garbage command.
Japanese manufacturer website
But I'm not 100% sure concerning compatibility - just have to test.

As soon as I have the CIC up and running I will order the SSD and give it a try.