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Exclamation 335d weird start


I have a e92 335d and the past 2 weeks i have been having starting problems, sometime it starts and sometimes it doesent, it very rarely starts in the morning, but usually starts in the afternoon.

Ive tried my friends battery in it as well, he came back round next day to take his back again and we put mine back in and it started fine, then as soon as it was running i took it too the garage ive checked all the cables as well, My brake fluid needs changing too but haven't got round to doing it yet. I took it to someone a few days ago before i took it to the garage and got an error called "INSTRUMENTAL CLUSTER".

I have took it to a garage and ive parked it there,

The garage rang me yesterday and said they havent found any error codes for it yet and wont start at all... they have been working on it since monday now

Anyone else experienced this problem?


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