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Did BMW really expect casualties like Lexus before sending this out? Its ridiculous to think that the X5 will stop running is not a serious threat to its passengers and other cars. Finally doing the right thing before someone seriously got hurt.

This is an actual recall vs service bulletin. Makes it easier on the customer to come get it checked out without giving the run around.

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Auto safety advocate Clarence Ditlow says he thinks BMW is taking a big gamble.

"This is not a question of whether the pump is defective or not -- it is defective. It's just a question of who pays for it. BMW or the customer, and with the customer, they may pay for it with their life if it fails in a particularly dangerous situation on the highway," he said. "And what they are doing is they're gambling with you, that you won't have an accident when that fuel pump fails, that's not a gamble that you voluntarily agreed to take. That's something that BMW is doing with your vehicle."
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