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my test drive of the new e93 335

so, i made my appointment to drive the new e93 335 for today...

got down there, and to start with, get some old guy as a salesman, that probably was more boring then watching grass grow...

then he takes us out to the car, and i was a bit shocked at the colour - crimson red - it looked, uhmm, not so nice on a car of that size...

got in the car to go for a drive and the salesman doesn't even show me round the car, or tell me ANYTHING about it, so i am still "none the wiser" as to any special features the car has...

the interior... ok, my impression... the seats were damned ugly, pudgy looking? and a little uncomfortable. the overall interior was OK i guess, but it certianly didn't have that "crafted/built" feel that my car does, and it seemed a little more "slapped together". the nav, ahh, yuk! this great big bulbous thing on the dash, looked very out of place... to ME, the interior, being as chunky as it is, just doesn't suit a convertible, sad to say it though, cos i was looking forward to the new convertible...

the exterior, again, i was a little unimpressed. i REALLY think the car would of looked better with a fabric roof... the car is just to big for a metal one, and it makes it look fat! the c pillar was enormous! and there was NO boot space when the roof was folded down, unlike in the boot of the e46.

and the power... if it hadn't of been so hyped up, i would of most likely been like "WOW", but i wasn't really, cos i was more expecting something AMAZING, but got very good instead. had nice response though when you floored it. lol, salesman was looking at the spedo every 5 secconds and holding the arm rest!

so overall, if you don't care how the car looks, and can get round it's "fat" thing, then you'll probably love it, but for me, it has to both look great, and drive the same...

now the coupe... that's a different story... e92 (in the right colour) = sex on wheels