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My HPFP went out when I had ~3500 miles on the clock.

I'm now at 29,000 with no issues since (knock on wood). Do I want a change? *shrug*

I've got a scheduled service coming up anyway... looks like I'll need to book a rental.

New Taillight assemblies
Sqeaky ass brakes
Oil Change

Leaving the dealership, I'll now have.

New HPFP + software flash (probobly resulting in loss of power)
New Taillight assemblies (mine currently don't have problems, but they'll probobly f' something up while they are replacing them)
Squeaky ass brakes (because they can't replicate the problem)
Oil change (Where they'll dump oil all over my exhaust manifold again)

Oh, and I almost forgot... A freshly swirled up paint job that'll ruin my winter detail after they have some retard wash my car with the same wash mit he just used to clean my wheels.

Cynical yes. Do I have reason to be. Absolutely.
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