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Originally Posted by TheRox View Post
Yea I love how ABC kinda skewed it there

Whatever...skewed or not so long as it its our favour.

I'm a practical guy.
Well wait a minute now..sure some exaggeration doesn't hurt.

But you have to remember, most owner of this vehicle don't know the difference between a valve stem on the tire and the valve stem in the engine.

Most don't know they even have a valve stem!!

Nonetheless, what a HPFP is...all they know is they put gas in the car, they press start, put it in drive, and it brake, it stops....seriously, people are typically not mechanically inclined and are really clueless how a vehicle operates.

Did the lawyers coach them some? Sure, but if they really felt freaked out...that is how they felt...can't take that from them. wife is a prime example of that....haha...
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