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Originally Posted by UdubBadger View Post
he was then I got some email from him from L.A.X. again... weird.
I got the same email a few weeks ago, after months of no communication.

Not to keep beating a dead horse, but I also had a pretty bad experience with Luxury Auto Exchange back in April. I was looking for a 335i, and had contacted them regarding one that was advertised. I live about 4 hours away, so I was trying to get as much information and pictures on the car as possible before making the drive. This was like pulling teeth. They kept making excuses on not having their photographer there, not having the correct salesman to give me the paperwork. I told them they could take pics with their cell phones, I just wanted to see the car. It never happened.

I asked them point blank if this was a lemon buyback car. I was told no. Three times by three different people. Once I finally received the carfax, I learned that it was indeed a buyback. This was explained to me as "they didn't know what car I was talking about." I had only ever asked about one. I was told a number of times that it isn't a big deal, also told the car could be CPO'd (which it cannot) and a few other unreliable facts.

I ended up making the drive to Chicago a few days later since I had found a handful of cars that I wanted to check out. A few were at Perillo, both at the actual BMW store and the outlet. The outlet was a joke. Every one of their cars for the most part was a buyback, but at least they were honest about them. He tried to sell me two cars that once we got in to pull the paperwork on them, he found out they were already sold, had deposits on them.

Then the manager finds this car at LAX and says he's gonna have it brought up for me to look at since they are their "sister dealership". This takes over 2 hours when they said it would be 45 minutes, and of course they bring it up at 7:45 when the dealer is closing at 8:00. They pull out the pressure tactics, but I'm not buying into it. They then tell me they had to "buy" the car from LAX because they thought for sure I was going to buy it and now they are going to be stuck with this car that they "bought" for me. I ended up walking out on the car and never looked back. Best decision I could have made.

Add in the "why would a girl like you need this much power" and "this is a you know how to drive a manual" comments, the entire experience was horrible. I understand some women don't know much about cars, but I was very clear with what I was looking for, and they spent most of their time trying to talk me out of it, because girls just don't need fast, stick shift bmw's apparently.

I bought a car, non-buyback, from Diamond Motorworks a couple months later. Honest people, beautiful car, great deal, and they actually didn't treat me like an idiot, and took pictures, gave me the carfax, didn't try to hide anything. I couldn't be happier with my purchase.