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Recall HPFP question?

So back in June 2010, I purchased my 2007 CPO E90 with ~46k miles. The day after I brought it home, it started having the infamous long cranks. Unknown to me (when I bought the car the day before) the salesman failed to tell me that the previous owner had replaced the HPFP 2x before me. Ofcourse, those HPFP were the previous models. Regardless of that, I took my car back to the dealer the next day and they replaced the low pressure fuel pump, and the #933 Model "remanufactered" HPFP. In August I took the car back to dealer for another issue and they also updated the ECU to the new software fix (primes the pump before starting). Thus I should be up-to-date. Every now and then though, I get some long cranks after the car has been sitting. However, this is intermittant. Nothing like before. Thus, after hearing about the recall notice today, I was wondering, since my invoice back in June indicates that the pump installed is the #933 "remanufactered" one, should I take it my BMW SA and ask him to install a "NEW" #933 HPFP, instead of the "remanufactered" one? Or, are all of the "NEW" 933 HPFP really just "remanufactered" 943 models? Thoughts?