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Originally Posted by tizzyd View Post
jesus christ, everyone needs to stop freaking out about the recall. shit happens, things break. get over it. they are great cars and this doesn't change that. and the people abc news interviewed dont know shit about the cars, they just wanted attention on the news. my old car went into limp mode, it really wasnt that unsafe, i could still travel at speed
I'd have to disagree. I plan on leasing my first BMW this spring but prior to that I have owned a Saturn, a Chevy Blazer and two Honda Accords. All of these cars were about $20-$40k less than a 335i and none ever went into any limp mode. Even when my Blazer began having problems with the water pump at 36,000 miles (how convenient) it still ran and never put me in danger. I don't think it's unreasonable to expect a $50-$60k car to have a reliable fuel pump. In fact, I think we should demand it. I don't want to pull out in front of a truck, hit the gas and go into limp mode over an issue BMW has been aware of for years. We're talking about thousands of these things being replaced - not just a few here and there.

I had been planning on getting a 335i but am not impressed with BMW's actions up to and including today's press release. The 328i is looking to be a safer choice unless BMW definitively corrects this problem.