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Ouch... Body shop did a crappy job doing touchups...

So this huge pebble hit my hood and put a serious dent in it and it was down to the bare metal. I took it into this body shop that did great work on my car when some moron had backed into it, and they brought in their mobile paintless dent removal guy, to take care of it, and then as a favour do the touch up too.

But now that I pick up the car, I see the dent has been beautifully removed, though the person doing the touch up put a huge blob of paint on it... I've had touchups done before where the surface of the touched up paint was even with the surrounding paint even, but this looks pretty bad...

Is it something that can be fixed somewhat easily, or am I screwed? Can my detailer at least lessen the ugliness maybe with polish or something?


Haven't snapped a pic yet, but if it helps, I can do that.

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