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I had something similar to this, but my car is 335i. My problems started from day one. It stalled out and just simply shut down barely a mile and a half from the Munich delivery center after I took delivery during my ED trip. They sent a mechanic over from the main dealership to investigate. He couldn't get it to start, so they towed it in across the street and put 3 guys to work on it while I waited. 2hrs later, they got it started sent me on my way. Nothing happened during ED until I got the car back in the US, and it was seating at the dealer bay dead 4th day after they gave it back to me. Other symptoms included doors wouldn't lock, comfort key stopped working, lights on one side would sometimes not come on. It was crazy. Then starting issues and when it starts if it so decided to, there would be this loud shrill noise coming from somewhere. They thought it was the audio system but couldn't find it. Anyway the car would just totally act erratic. A few dealership refused to work on the car. I had less than 15K miles on it, and it was not even a year old. In the end, after a few months of having the car go from dealer to dealer and being completely undrivable most of the time. BMWNA offered me a buy back. the forum for August 2007 see if you get some of the symptoms I was having.

It was not great, but a barely ok deal. I wasn't really happy, so they offered me a new car, but since it was going to take a long time to get an exact configuration replacement, I was hesitant not knowing if new car would be the same. So they decided to just replace all the electronics from CCC, I-drive, CANBUS even the amplifier in the trunk. Took the mechanics at OpenRoad BMW of Edison NJ 2 weeks to put it all back all together (I saw the car completely gutted thought they never get it back together and working again! Wow!! ) Anyway everything was sent back to Germany for analysis, I never heard what the issue was, other than it was electronics failure of some unknown nature. They gave me back my car and I have never had any non-mechanical issue with it again. Wild goose chase is what the manger called it.
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