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I just don't understand how these days every single "failure" with a car is suddenly a safety issue. Cars have broken down for years, and nearly every car out there has at least one known issue that could cause the engine to run poorly or stall. It happens. Get over it. Should BMW fix this CORRECTLY and completely? Absolutely. But a safety recall? Absolutely not.

What about Ford's blowing spark plugs out of the head? Recall? Nope, TSB.

Duramax diesel engines spinning the cam gear on the cam shaft bending all the rods and sometimes leading to the pistons hitting the valves.. Recall? Nope, TSB.

Lexus IS300's hesitating and running like crap because of dirty MAF... Recall? Nope... Not even sure if that's a TSB, but it's every bit as common on the IS300 forums as HPFP issues are here.

Dodge automatic transmissions having the speed sensor failing and getting stuck in 3rd gear... Recall? Don't think so.

Mazda Rotary engines in general... most won't last 100k miles, many of the 3rd generation cars only lasting 40 - 50k miles before it spit the apex seals out the side of the engine. Recall? Not a chance.

GM Power steering pumps failing constantly.. coworker is on #4 power steering pump in 80k miles. Recall? Nope.

Again, my point isn't that everyone should ignore or just "deal" with the HPFP issue... BMW needs to figure it out, but speak with your wallets, not with lawyers. There are way too many other cars out there with similar or worse issues that haven't been recalled. By the logic of most of these people, non run flat tires should be illegal since they could deflate at speed and cause a loss of control if you encountered a nail on the interstate.