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Originally Posted by John 070 View Post
Did you read what's stated? It is not "easier" to get the pump replaced. 90,000 cars would get a software update, of the 130,000. Yes, it does seem like more of the same, but you should still take the time to read it for yourself.
Well, it alludes to those receiving letters scheduling appointments for inspection. What this inspection entails, we do not know. However, given the impending legislation from BMW, I do see that standardizing this procedure could result in more fuel pumps being replaced than what has become a typical "updated software, symptoms erased" followed by an inevitable failure.

You seem hung up on this number of pumps getting replaced vs. number of software updates vs. number of potentially affected. These are not hard numbers. When the recall is issued, everyone with a car falling into the designated model and year will get a letter. Of these cars, BMW expects to have to take action on 130,000. Of these, it expects to replace 40,000 pumps. Sorry your previous "you're all missing teh point look at the numbers!" thread got deleted, but perhaps you should take the time to read, process, think about, and then post before calling a post out.