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Originally Posted by Magic Man View Post
RELAX! I've had this happen on my 2007 335i and "limp mode" just makes the car less peppy (sorta like your Saturn, Blazer or Honda). You can easily keep it at highway speeds and accellerate reasonably.
I was a little concerned if it happened to me. However, from your comments it sounds like it really should not be something to be overly worried about. I spoke to my BMW SA today, who also spoke to the BMW Shop Manager today. Both of these individuals drive the 3 Series car themselves. Anyway, the shop manager lives a block from me and knows me very well. He always looks out for me when I bring my cars in for service. Thus, I trust him completely. Both he and the SA indicated that the 933 HPFP that was installed in my car back in June is BRAND NEW even though the pump invoice says remanufactured on it (i.e remanufactured from the previous 943 model). Thus, hopefully I won't have the limp mode any time soon.

Other than this issue, I am absolutely thrilled everytime I go into my garage, start up my E90, and hit the road. It still is the most enjoyable car I ever bought.