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I do have DInan software installed, but do not drive the car very hard at all. My first pump also died BEFORE I got the software installed anyway. Once in a while I will hit it a bit, but definitely not all the time, and I am not a maniac driver. This is the ULTIMATE DRIVING MACHINE though, right? I hope they would build it so it can actually be driven and not babied all the time.

And to the one who posted about Limp Mode being like a Saturn, Blazer, Honda, etc...NO FRICKIN WAY. I had this 3 weeks ago and had to drive home from the place I was at when the car died. It BARELY accelerated. I could floor the gas and it putted along like an old Yugo. VERY unsafe for anything but short local driving. My dealer is 10+ miles away and I go on the highway, no way was I going to drive it there like this, so they came and towed it away, for the SECOND time now.

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Perhaps it has something to do with the way the car is being driven. I am not by any stretch implying that the owners with multiple failures are mistreating their cars but it does seem strange that some cars have had multiple failures and some cars have had none.

Perhaps it has something to do with stop and go traffic, rapid acceleration, sustained high speed cruising, etc.?