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Originally Posted by kaigoss69 View Post
Thank you for sharing your experience. If you don't mind, I have some questions/observations:

So they checked for error codes stored in the on-board computer, right? Did you have any warnings/faults pop up on the dash or were these all hidden codes?

Are you sure these error codes were registered POST battery swap, or perhaps from BEFORE, when your battery was very weak and there would have actually been a reason for a "low voltage" environment to cause these kinds of fault codes?

Yes, and at the same time they cleared the error codes that may have come from the old battery.

Can you provide proof that the "error codes" came POST battery swap? Thanks!
They were all hidden codes, no alerts on the dash. No i can't know for sure if the errors came post battery swap but I have to assume it since registering the new battery fixed the errors. If the weak oem battery caused the voltage issues i don't see why the new battery wouldn't have fixed it. Either way, it's irrelevant--the registration fixed the voltage issues.