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Ready to purchase a few detailing products... recommendations?

I've used Meg's professional products for years, tried Zaino and a few budget-boutique brands like Pinnacle and Autogym, but I'm open to trying just about anything if it helps to make my job easier. I'm pretty stubborn with my sealant, as Meg's #21 Synthetic Sealant is incredibly easy to work with and has a respectable lifespan on paint, but it doesn't hurt to try something new.

I'm fresh out of QD and am no longer happy with Meg's Gold Class soap, so I want to place an order to try out some new products. I've previously ordered from, but I see a lot of people here pimping Are they a forum sponsor or do we have access to additional discounts by ordering through detailedimage?

Car wash soap: I'm completely open here. I think I've read that Optimum offers a nice soap? I'm not interested in ONR though.

Quick Detail spray: I've used all of Meg's detailers and have experience with most of the over-the-counter QDs--they're all disappointing to use and overpriced. Believe it or not, I've experienced better results with Turtle Wax Platinum QD (T413R). It's more "slick" than the Meg's versions and doesn't smear into the paint. It's also super-cheap online, with some retailers selling the 16oz. spray bottle for under $5. What should I try next? I'm thinking Chemical Guys' Speed Wipe, Synthetic QD or Optimum Instant Detailer.

Sealant: Collinite 845? If anything, I can continue to use the Meg's #21 and top it with the Collonite as a wax.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.