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Yep collinite is a carnuba based wax, but last's well, have on the GF's truck. If you like the Megs sealant why switch, Auto Detailing Solution has it cheap 16oz for $18. I personally use BFWD and like that, used quite a few others and really its personal preference. Can't go wrong using collinite as a topper if you want ultimate protection.
I use both PB Spray & Gloss or PB Spray & Wipe as QD's depending on the situation. After washes S&G, to get bird bombs etc off S&W. I like those some people do not. FK425 is a solid product and I might try that soon alongside the S&G just to see. It gets rave reviews everywhere.
Soap I use Chemical guys maxi suds as my weekly and Chemical guys Citrus as a stirpper. DI has a special right now so you could try some and see what you like.