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Originally Posted by s2k_335i View Post
Does any one experience the following issue after the new software/pump update?

1. slower acceleration?
2. Smell of fuel when start the car?
3. lost of power between 1000-3000 rpm?
I experienced the smell of fuel when starting the car. I complained about it a number of times and was told it was not a problem. I had my car towed to the dealership after a Virginia emissions inspection failed due to a "major fuel leak" and was told the car should not be driven. The dealership determined there was a leak from the fuel line connections of the HPFP. Their description indicated there were "defects in lines preventing them from seating properly".

I had my HPFP replaced with the 881 version as a result of SIB 130308.

BTW, I am on the latest software version as of last week and no longer smell fuel when starting the car.

I am willing to bet an improper installation over time resulted in this fuel leak.