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Originally Posted by BTM View Post
Agreed. 45k on an 11/06 build with non-recurring and very minor symptoms. If it was simply a QC problem in pump manufacturing, this problem would have been easy enough to sort out. The fact that the same pump that lasts for 5 or 10k mi in one car will last over 50 in another is suspicious to me.

A simple parallel - take fuses. When a fuse blows, you replace it. When it blows over and over and over, you're not simply replacing fuses. You're looking for what's causing the fuses to blow. The probability of getting defective fuses is a lot lower than the probability of some externalities causing fuses to blow.
But, after 4 years they can't figure out what causes the pump to fail? Sounds like a bad design/engineer for the engine. Just like those 996 porsche 911s and boxters from 98-2006ish....the intermediate shaft breaks unpredictably and it was due to a design fault for the engines. They get replaced and it still fails. However on 911 Turbos and GT3s, the engine was rock solid as they were built & tested for racing.

That's why M3 is the more reliable car, although it'll be more expensive for maintenence. M3 engines are all built for the track and are raced professionally.