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Here are a few stuff I recommend.

Car wash soap
Chemical Guys Citrus Wash and Clear - Great for daily washes and stripping off old sealant/wax. Smells great too!

Quick Detail spray
Poorboy's World Spray & Wipe - I keep a bottle of this in my trunk all the time for quick wipes like bird droppings. Also a great clay lube.

Blackfire Deep Gloss Spray with Polycharger - I love the gloss on this QD. I use it after each wash. Haven't found any other QD that can match the glossiness of this one.

Optimum (OPT) Opti-Seal - My favorite sealant. You can practically use this on any exterior part. Just spray and buff it. Don't need to let it cure and wipe. I use it on my chrome grille, body, exhaust tips and wheels.

Chemical Guys Jetseal 109 - Another sealant I recommend