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Got myself a MS 8 today for my 07 335 with L7 and will be installing this weekend but abit confuse on how to wire them correctly. .

1) With oem being 9 channels and ms 8 only 8 channels. Am i right to say that i have to forgo 1 channel on ms 8 by spicing both side and rear deck speakers' wires together into 2 of the channnes in ms8? but that will mean 1 ohm load (since both rear and side are oem 2 ohm)???

2) and also thought of adding a 10" sub in the trunk.Which wire shall i tap the signal from? Tapping from underseat sub??( R+, L-) ?? after oem L7 amp or after ms8? or either one? but again, wouldn't that lower the impedance of that channel?