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Originally Posted by MuttGrunt View Post
Too easy.

Touch-up paint is lacquer paint - so basically it's like nail polish. Lacquer thinner should work to remove the ugly spot. Wet-sanding and polishing is possible as well, but I'd recommend to remove the ugliness first, then properly layer the touch up paint, and finally do a wet-sand and polish for a much better finish / result.

Good luck!
Hmmm... hadn't thought of that! Thanks. Since it's a body shop though, they might not have used the OEM touch up paint, but rather the same stuff they normally use to paint cars with. Would that matter?

They did tell me though that if I was going to touch up any paint chips in future (they gave me a small bottle from the last time they painted the car) that I needed to put clear nail polish on it after, as these new paints are water based, so hopefully what you say will work!