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Weaselboy, good post with valid points.
My apologies in advance if I sound confrontational; 30+ years in the military has led to me sounding like I'm poking my index finger in others chests when I post on the internet. My goal is for robust debate, not disemboweling those with different points of view.

Originally Posted by Weaselboy View Post
Modern BMWs come with a absorbed glass mat (AGM) battery that is far better quality than the old style lead acid battery. AGM batteries cost quite a bit more than lead acid batteries, so if we are going to make this about price we should compare like batteries.
I have issues with two points:
1) AGM is far better quality than lead acid batteries. My AGM battery needed to be replaced after 36 1/2 months of service life. In terms of lifespan, that's not better than lead acid batteries.
2) Why use AGM batteries if they do not offer longer lifespan than traditional lead acid batteries? Because BMW puts them in the trunk of the car. Is there not enough room on a full sized sedan to put them in the engine compartment? And I don't buy the weight and balance issue; other companies have solved that issue on full sized sedans.