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Originally Posted by Chriztofor View Post
Of course, it would be easier if they had a trans dipstick so I can fill it there, instead of using a transfer pump, but the job is not that hard.
It may not be all that hard, but you have to carefully measure fluids that have drained along with what you're putting back into the transmission to ensure that you have the correct amount of tranny fluid in the system.
I am pointing out to you that the transmission is another Rube Goldberg machine. I understand your desire to defend BMW, but you really need to take 10 steps back and see how these things are done on other high end luxury cars.
I can't tell you how easy this is on my wife's Acura TL because it's sooo much easier that we're talking the difference between elementary school and master's degree.

I screwed up. I bought a car that is not designed to be driven and serviced by the auto enthusiast. This is a car that is designed to be driven by someone who doesn't know where the hood latch is located and getting an oil change is an excuse to go into the dealership and talk to salesmen about trading in their car for a new one.