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I'm the person who made the statement about the mic wires behind the glovebox. When I was digging how to do this, I found a thread (somewhere) that stated the following (if you have the preinstalled mic connector hanging loose in the overhead map console): The wires from the mic connector go across the headliner and down the right pillar (setting in the passenger seat, this is the pillar that goes down the right side of the front windshield). This is the difficult part... you have to remove the entire glovebox, including glovebox door. Looking into the removed glovebox area, you will see a fusebox. Way over to the right (where the pillar comes down), you will see a white 2x5 connector with only a few wires passing thru it. Notice the wires going in one side of the connector (I'll call this the male end), they do not align with the wires coming out the other side (female connector end), they do not matchup! So, when the male and female connectors pieces are connected, the wires in both pieces make no connection. You have to 1. disconnect the connector 2. remove the black wire and red wire from one of the connectors 3. move the black and red wires into position so that they will continue the circuit when the male/female connectors are reconnected.
Be carefull when trying to get the wires out of the connector! BMW uses a really unique connector that takes some ingenuity to get the pins out without tearing the connector all to pieces. I had to use two tools at the same time in order to release each pin from it's connector position. Once you get this part done, when you enter a voice command you will notice it hears you, but cannot complete the command because the function is not available (normal, until you get the radio programmed).
At time of this writing, BMW is attempting to code my radio. We'll see how they make out tomorrow.