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Originally Posted by vase330 View Post
It sounds like its a canned response. Believe it or not, I got that too, but in my case they were blaming the LoJack. Sorry man, I know its not funny now, but latter you will see the humor. Just how stupid do BMW dealers assume we are sometimes? I went from Maryland, North NJ, Central NJ, Virginia, resorted to angry emails, letters and frustrated calls to BMWNA and finally to Edison NJ, before they solved it. And technically they really didn't solve it, they just swapped out all the significant electronic components. Ok with me as it has 100% reliable since then. I was made as heck back then, but that dissipated and I am glad I elected to keep the car. It has put a lot of grins on my face since. Still IMO BMW service sucks, and I don't get them always deferring to clueless dealers. Nothing got solved until they decided enough was enough took over my case.

Instead of dealer hoping, you might want to pressure BMW GmbH? or whoever is in charge over there. One honest dealership in NW, NJ told me why they turned me away and refused to work on the car after 2 days..."We realize this car is practically a lemon with seemingly impossible to diagnose issue. Let's just say we put in a week of work but solve nothing, we don't get reimbursed by BMW. We only get paid for fixing something, if we can't do it in two days its not worth pursuing further. I don't see anyone figuring this mess out in 2 days. Not being mean here, but we are a business. I'd say take it back to the dealer that did the sale. Technically they have an obligation to you to take care of you even if it means a month..." so, there in lay the quandary. Until that time, I had nothing but BS to go by. So I called BMWNA and relayed what I was told...Bingo! Field Rep took over and said they will take it from there to conclusion. You might want to look into that. Hopefully your warranty still in force?
Dude, he's in England. The car is at his local garage. BMW has not even seen the car yet. Did you read his posts?

Sorry about your experience, don't blame you one bit for being p*ssed.