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Hi guys, just joined the forum after getting a lot of valuable info from here on new car I purchased a few weeks ago.

Had the a 2005 120i for two years.

Now have 320i sports. The two cars are miles apart if you ask me. The 120i was a manual so did feel more involved in the driving experience and certainly it handled very well. Still remember the smile first corner I put it into!

I didnt think the finish in the 120i was that bad, still no where as good as the 320i.

For some stupid reason though I feel like the 320i has more grunt... I know it is still the same engine though. Also, 320i does not feel as sure into corners but Im still running in and getting used to as only had a couple of weeks.

Anyway, that's my thoughts on the two....
I agree with you on the build quality - the 1 series doesn't feel as solid - example is in the doors - the E90 doors feel heavy and sturdy whereas the 1's feel a bit cheaper. It is certainly a more involving drive though - just needs some beefier tyres though :-)

Personally, I've found the 320 to be severely lacking in power, especially on hotter days. It's not meant to be a performance car but with 110Kw I did expect more. It's a shame the 323 wasn't out in mid 2005 as I would have bought one of those in a second, over the 320. For the auto version, I'd really like another 15-20Kw for it to be adequate as there is next to no bottom end torque and keeping up with faster traffic becomes a chore requiring the step to keep going up and down gears (especially on undulating Sydney roads).