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I'm in bits, just left my dog at Vet hospital. UPDATE

I'm devastated. Some of you know I moved out of home
4 months ago but never less still consider
the labs as my dogs as I grew up with them.

Max is nearly 11 years old and is a heathly and well dog, still spritely and showing no signs of age.

Out of the blue last week he had two major siezures. Awful
my mum said. He had tests and come back clear. He then a week later had some more. Been refered to vett college and they said he needs
brain scan monday. But mother rung me this morning he is wobbling and falling over alot. I said sod Monday it could be too late if he deterioates so
I said I would come over and take him

He was fine in vets although nervous. They asked to keep him in as they gonna MRi him and also get fluid from his spine. If they find a tumour they gonna inject it in his brain with cheamo.

I'm so scared. So it was awful leaving my georgeous boy. Mum was in
bits too.

So scared because we lost a 7 month old lab pup 11 year Ago when she never came back from a vet college!

My other lab millie was such a good girl when
we left she usually cries but it's like she knew Max is Ill and needs to go!

Fingers crossed for my Maxy boy please!
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