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Just got back from the body shop and as their reputation in the area precedes them... man do they do great work. For those in the chicago area, Boyce Body Works in Batavia is where I went (original batavia location not naperville).

The paint that they used is special paint for bumpers and it etches into the plastic. This inaddition to baking/curing the bumper results in a piece comparable to OEM. Color match is dead on as they took the code from under the hood, and fitment is 9.9/10. Just need to use some 3M tape and eliminate the lil gap.

Here it is snapped onto the bumper with no tape. It's 8* above freezing so I didn't get a chance to wash the car.

Left and Right sides are flush, I was pushing against it to see if there is a space... there isn't. Driver side pic didn't come out to well cause of the lighting but it is perfect.

Here is a frontal view. Can't complain for a $35 lip.

Thanks everyone on your opinions on the edge. I'm so glad I left it there. After paint, it looks pretty damn good and the edge isn't that prominent at all.

Ebay Cost
$35 lip
$65 shipping
$100 paint
$3 3M tape
$203 total

Some comparison shopping...
$365 lip
$175 paint
$120 shipping
$3 3M tape
$663 total

I'm going to use the savings towards an ssk.

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