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So for another update

I installed my winter tires last week 215/50/17s and it confirmed what I was suspecting , 19 inches wheels with little sidewalls and a drop is too harsh for Quebec roads , I also had the alignment done , the Eibach give only a subtle drop so alignment was not really off

Up until last year we also had a 335xi sedan which was riding on stock suspension and even with the winter wheels and tires (205/50/17s) when hitting a pothole you felt as if the car was going to break ,

My car does not feel like that anymore , the best way I can describe it is that the car is definitely firmer but it is more buttoned down and will take potholes and road imperfections much more comfortably , to put it simply I don’t cringe every time I see a small pothole like before I did before .

All in all I am very satisfied with the results , and I am very confident that next summer with the 18s it will be very satisfying

Here are a few pictures with the 17s

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