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Life is cruel mate

Life is fucking bollox mate , heartbreaking news ! so sorry carl .

Lost my Father on the 12th Oct to a fucking brain tumour diagnosed on july 5th and gone in 12 weeks .

It will come as no help at the moment but in a few weeks go get a new Lab puppy it will help you grieve and the new pup will be a good distraction.I hope Max gets better but fear the worse mate , Brain tumours are very nasty

Worst news possible when they have given you unconditional love and you are helpless as it is a complicated area to have a tumour ,

My 4 year old Beagle was diagnosed with mass cell tumour the same week as my fathers tumour was found,I didn't think it could get any worse ,but time is a great healer , we had 12 wonderful weeks with dad before he was taken for a special job upstairs .Snoop is ok at present but i am seriously dreading the day we have to act, The vet said we will know when its time ,I was totally irrational for several weeks but my wife said Snoop doesn't know there is anything wrong but he has changed because i keep spoiling him with treats etc ,he follows you everywhere waiting for anything he can scrounge , he's actually gone from being a good dog to a bloody pain .I love him to bits still .

all the best Carl ,thinking off you at this trying time