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south, if these new renderings are reasonably accurate, you can see what I was referring to in the last discussion we had on this topic where I suggested the finned body panels will give way to something more conventional. The big question I had at the time was what - besides a more swoopy body - what would make this car any more special than a would-be 6 Series ActiveHybrid.

Well if the claim that it will have a CF chassis is correct, then that is the answer I was looking for. As far as I know, that is new information and it is big news if true. That would mean of course that this car is not going to use the 5/6/7 platform as the dontblogaboutthiscar tended to suggest, but instead ride on something all new and unique to the "i series". Now that definitely gets my attention. Hopefully this means we are talking about something somewhat smaller and more nimble than a 6 Series also. Obviously the CF chassis will help with weight, but size is important as well.

Unfortunately, the CF chassis also suggests this will be a very expensive car, even moreso than the 100k-ish range I previously imagined. But it is going to be a radical car for sure. If not for the high costs, it appears that this car would actually make a great M3. Perhaps in a decade or so, BMW's advancements in carbon fiber will allow more affordable cars such as the 1M and M3 or for that matter the 1 series and 3 series, to benefit from this chassis technology as well.

Having said all of that, I am still a little more excited by the prospects of a tiny Megacity-based sports car that SCOTT has hinted at recently.
A gen-u-ine BMW eff-eight-zero with them tandem clutches in the transmission and that dad gum sun roof on the top-a da cawr.