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Originally Posted by antzcrashing View Post
Yes. thats how I see it too. If this car was ONLY an r8 competitor that would be boring. this is totally different, totally new, going to reshape automotive technology
What comes to supercars, BMW has had a slighly minor role in recent years. R8, SLR and SLS have divided German makers' market with Porsche while M3/M5/M6 have been more or less GT-cars. Now it's time to change the game - not by building something horrible hp-monsters but approach the definition of performance from completely different point of view.

I'm sure BMW is now on the right track. M100, M1 or whatever will be the milestone in supercar history. Please note that decision to concentrate lightweight eco-performance is several years old - competitors like Mercedes and Audi have to hurry a lot in order to catch BMW.
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