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Originally Posted by Stoutnj89 View Post
WHY A HYBRID??? drop a V8 twin-turbo, V10 or V12 in it, do it right BMW....
Such cars are available by many companies, right now. The VED is about something else, it takes the idea of the classic sports and super cars we've been knowing for decades and transforms it into a super car suitable for the 21st century. Manufacturers used to (and still do) drop V8s, V10s and V12s into cars mainly for two reasons, power and performance. Technology has advanced and allows to combine M3 performance with 320d fuel consumption. That's nothing short of groundbreaking and probably an USP for BMW. Why? As your comment suggests, some just want a sports car offering enough power and performance and don't care about efficiency or fuel consumption, that's fair enough and there are plenty of cars to choose from. But there's a solid and growing group of car enthusiasts caring about 'sustainability' just as much as about performance, and the VED will be one of the first cars offering both. I can only think of one other car that offers something to the same effect, and that's the Porsche 918 Spyder (for 450k +).

Originally Posted by yooooooo View Post
Inline 6 turbo engine (from the coming M3) or V8 (smaller) with an output of 450 PS
Two "Supercaps" for additional 100 PS each, boost feature

I take it as 450hp + 100hp + 100hp = 650hp ?
The article isn't completely clear, but I take it as 650hp as well.

Originally Posted by Pitkis View Post
I'm sure BMW is now on the right track. M100, M1 or whatever will be the milestone in supercar history. Please note that decision to concentrate lightweight eco-performance is several years old - competitors like Mercedes and Audi have to hurry a lot in order to catch BMW.

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