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Originally Posted by 328i View Post
I wouldn't use acetone on paint.

OP, how is the paint match? If the paint match is good you simply need to have the blob wet sanded down and then polished. Your detailer should have no problem doing that.
The touchup paint seems to be a good match. The trouble is the spot they filled was quite large, and some of the paint is actually higher than the OEM surface's thickness, so can be sanded down I'd think, but in another spot, of a lesser thickness, so it needs to have more paint added to it even.

I guess it might make sense at this point if I'm going the wet sand route to fill in the other parts of the chip to increase the thickness of the paint, and then have him do the wet sand technique.

What do you think? Any other ideas?

Can you even wet sand such a small area like a paint chip the size of your pinky fingernail? It wouldn't harm the surrounding OEM paint?

This is sort of what it looks like. The black line being the paint and the red area what was chipped that they filled in.
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