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Yes. BMW are capable of doing something that competes with these cars
Do they want to? of course it is always in debate and discussion.
Will they do it? No because when brought into the real world there is no serious demand for such a car , but there is demand for a 1M coupe - a more affordable Performance concept.

And for a small company like BMW , who very much like to hold on to their independence they dont have the vast resources and parts bin as VAG.

Focus for BMW AG is currently in the real world

When I am asked when will we see the R8 Competitor etc And I always say never, why? because if they remotely understand anything about BMW then they will know BMW is more innovator than immitator.

BMW's stand out because that is their primary principle "The Ultimate Driving Machine" BMW is about the philosophy behind the product.
No matter how a competitor tries it still does not match up to a BMW.
I recently drove the Lexus CT sporthatch which promised class leading dynamics and agile handling? It was archaic , lifeless and uninspiring - The 1er Sporthatch which is coming to seven years old and replacment is more responsive it is car that does not betray it's intentions.

Vision Efficient Dynamics is pure BMW right down to the "Ultimate Driving Machine" philosophy only now the car thinks ahead to the eventual change of conventional mobility. Vision Efficient Dynamics is the first step into the future and it is BMW who are leading in this area.

Vision Efficient Dynamics is a look into a crystal ball when such sports car competitors are being forced off the roads due to future legislation.
BMW wants to remain on the road whilst it's competitors will be forced off.

Besides why cant engineering of such magnitude normally reserved for a Super Sports or Hyper car not be applied to something less exotic and be able to find a customer base in the "real world"?

That is where the MegaCity Vehicle comes in because it comes from the same school of thought behind the Vision Efficient Dynamics.