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Originally Posted by SoCalS2k
You holding out for the new M3? I'm not sure whether to just get the 330 now or save my pennies and wait for the M3 Problem is it's gonna be a while until it comes out and I dunno if I be able to holdout that long.

Your ex made you get rid of the M3??
That's why I got rid of her, too.

I haven't been disappointed by BMW with their generation of M3s. They all evolve exponentially as opposed to a predictable change between succeeding models. To me, it's worth the wait. Sure, the 330i may be a good car when it comes out, but park it next to an e90 M3 and the heirarchy will surface in an instant.

Besides, I've got plans for it. For one, I'm taking it to a cross-country drive (from west coast to east coast and back again) while it's still under warranty. I'm not afraid to put miles on that car. It's one of the things on my list of things to do before I die. The other is to take it to the track and learn as much from driving it as I can, pushing the envelope as it allows.

Careless? Maybe. But one of these days, I could be sitting on the front porch of my house, old and weary, maybe worse. When that time does come, I want to be able to remember the things I've done taking advantage of opportunity, as opposed to wishing what could've been.
It'll be one hell of a ride...