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Originally Posted by e92LuNaTiC View Post
Cops aren't gonna mess with you bro, you drive a ! I've had Cops, Sheriff's and Highway Patrol pull up next to me several times (day & night) and haven't had a problem. Also, I don't have front license plates either, and I live in Long Beach and I'm constantly in Los Angeles (as LA is my homewtown and my family friends live down there) and their always pulling over people for tint! Noooow, if you drove a Charger, 300C, Altima, Tahoe (u get the picture) you'd get pulled over, at least in Los Angeles you would. I have 15% but with a Cream Beige interior so it doesn't look too dark and I keep my I-Drive at 100% brightness so it's kinda light up at night inside the car. You'll be fine, that should be the least of your worries
Dude, its a 3 series. A dime a dozen. A car that can be had used for just a hair higher than $20k. You've just been lucky, so far.