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Originally Posted by badass335 View Post
This still sucks that BMW Canada, wont move on this for the Canadians! This is their response when asked:
Failure rate could more important in USA.

IMO I think poor fuel quality is a main reason. Vw have a similar problem with the new 2.0 DI TDI: in canada and rest of the world they have minimal failure and in USA they have a higher rare of failure, the HPFP explode destroying the injector in the process. They found out the Diesel in USA was crap ( no proprer lubrifiant additive vs rest of the world) vs the lubrification spec needed by the pump... So if your pump fail in Canada and rest of the world VW change your pump on warranty and if it explode in USA in certain state with crappy diesel they wont cover.

It could be the same in USA except BMW was pushed to the wall and they pass this under warranty but if failure rate is minimal outside USA it could explain they consider this as a pure badluck like any other failure after your warranty is over.

ASk your dealer if they repair HPFP on a daily, weekly or monthly basis vs the number of 135i, 335i sold since 2007, call 2-3 dealers and ask the same question you will know if this issue is major in Canada. My friend is a mechanical at a BMW dealer, I will ask him if this issue plague all the 135-335i

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