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Yeah, same here. I have to leave it the way it is for now, buying new house with GARAGE I had missed sooooo much. To make more comments, If I could make a decission again, I'd wait I guess, this is like love and hate game, lights are nice but look at high lights, they should be way higher. Errors: Switch at auto is fine, runs Xe and AE's. When on OFF possition it gives errors about both parking lights. When switched to parking lights it has AE's with Ambers on, no XE. The best looking option, unfortunatly it stays on even when you lock the car. Then all the way to the right, AE's on with XE and it turns off when car is locked. When turning from first right to second right there is a flash of XE for split second then it lights up slowly. I think it charges the capacitor or what. They have to do lots of improvements before it will be close to OEM's. I will play with it after I move. Please share your experience. I wouldn't do it if I could choose again. And I know I have to readjust the right side, I just play it slow, don't want to abuse other drivers. But when you see the reflection of your lights from the store or shiny bumper of the car in front of you you know it looks way cool.
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