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Originally Posted by EmmettBrown View Post
i made the same move and have no regrets. although i do miss the 335 at times (i dynoed at 390whp, mind you this was before methanol and all that were out for the 335). you should join nagtroc. a lot of useful info on that + majoriy of the members are mature

nice sweater btw (even though im gonna get flamed for this one )
Thanks "Doc" (lol). I'm a Lacoste guy (probably get flamed). I've been to nagtroc a few times but haven't joined yet. I will. I know some of the people on here can be less than mature at times, but for the most part, it's been good. I actually met a few friends on here that live in Tulsa. Do you like it in auto mode. It's seems to want to get to 6th gear as fast as possible where the BMW held the gear quite nice in sport mode. So far I only like to paddle shift so I can hold the gears longer and only go to 4th in town.

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