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Thanks "Doc" (lol). I'm a Lacoste guy (probably get flamed). I've been to nagtroc a few times but haven't joined yet. I will. I know some of the people on here can be less then mature at times, but for the most part, it's been good. I actually met a few friends on here that live in Tulsa. Do you like it in auto mode. It's seems to want to get to 6th gear as fast as possible where the BMW held the gear quite nice in sport mode. So far I only like to paddle shift so I can hold the gears longer and only go to 4th in town.
at the doc reference

i drive it in manual ALL the time. i don't like the fact that im already in 5th gear at 30mph and so on. i think nissan intentionally did this for better fuel efficiency. just make sure when you come to a stop that you stop all the way. otherwise, if you gas it after not really making a stop, it sometimes jerks into first gear then goes. sometimes i just manually go into first gear when im almost stopped if i dont want to stop all the way (because of traffic or something) and it takes off smoothly.