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Originally Posted by OdomPHD View Post
So there is no way to make the errors stop..super.
When the error goes off, does the car beep or what? I freakin hate errors with a passion, I'm gonna be pissed if all I see is an error every five minutes and if my passengers have to hear that crap, too.

EDIT: Forgot to say my other light came in haha. I'll do the install tmw or Thursday, depending on time. I swear the is a way to rewire the primary plug in from the assembly to the car.. but I don't know how to do it. Maybe if you take the wire to the Xe and split it so it ran to the blinkers as well? Then only when the XE's came on could the ambers.. hmmm.

Watch me get electrocuted. I always knew my BMW would kill me

I've been looking at the F10 535i for a while now and I might trade in when my warranty is up in a few months. I will have done all of this for naught
Good luck with install. DON'T MESS with that shitty cover, (You're talking about playing with wires), I'm waiting for the cover (second) replacement. I'm buying the new house now so I will play with it in my garage on the end of this month. Errors suck and because you have same lights and you want to trade your car be carefull if the buyer will hate errors. The errors go on even with the lights off, so good luck.