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I really need to know before buying a kit

Hey, Jim & anyone else

Based on your experience and knowledge, the "code" does not need if I have a CDC on my car?

It will works if I just connects the cable from CDC with GW500 without any coding by a dealer?


Originally Posted by Mrbroons View Post
Quick post for anyone thinking of getting a Dension 500 system in their car.

This may be common knowledge to some but it has taken me months to get sorted so I thought I would post my experience up here. Please feel free to post this anywhere you can as it is a very common problem.

I purchased a Dension 500 kit last year, including the BTA 1500 module and laterly a WiDrive wireless interface. My car is a 2005 320d SE without a CDC (Boot CD Changer) but apparently with CD Prep of the MOST cable in the boot.

I had the unit professionally installed and the installer chose to install the unit in the passenger footwell I was then told to take the car to my BMW dealer to "code" the car to get it working. The instructions from Dension at this point are a bit woolly regarding what you should do and how to get it working.

To cut a long story short BMW refused to code the car without kit being installed in the car, this will more than likely be your experience. Please fit a CD Changer then we will code the car - if I wanted a CD Changer I would have it but I've got a Dension kit! Still BMW stick to their rules and I can't blame them for that, it's not really in their interest to get this kit working.

After this whole saga I went back the installer who happens to know the Dension people quite well. I was told to speak with a company called Auto Logic - - these chaps create the software and hardware that allows independent garages and home enthusiasts with lots of cash diagnose problems with their BMW's.

Apparently (this is hilarious!) they have a button on their BMW diagnostic tool called "Dension" and they just hit this (it has some options for what you have fitted) and it codes the car. Well taking my car to my local Auto Logic equipped garage (Big up to Stewart at M3 Power at Bathgate in Scotland who took my 700 investment in Dension kit and made it all work! Can't recommend him enough and he's a top guy aswell.

I now have my iPhone plugged in and I can listen to my music, I also have the capability to put a USB hard drive in my glove box - my iPhone even supports A2DP so it can stream my music over Bluetooth into the car too. I have full bluetooth capability now integrated into the car also.

I am now a happy chap and I wanted to pass on this knowledge to all those who are slaving away trying to get it working.

The following (I believe) was coded for me - CDC Support, MP3 Playback, Telematics and iPod.

By speaking to these chaps you don't need a CD Changer installed or anything else, just turn up with a Dension installation completed (MOST connected and power to the unit) and then the install should work. It should be noted that I made sure my car was on the latest BMW software before I attempted the installation to avoid any problems.

I'm happy to comment on my installation to anyone who needs a hand.

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