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Im gonna do it...Cut hole in back seat for ski pass through e90

I searched on here and there were a lot of people that contemplated the cut and asked about it, but no one actually said they did it. People researched and got parts lists for the ski cassette and everything, but again no one said they did it. (that being said if i missed it somehow can someone point me to the thread where it was done).

I dont have the car with me at the moment but i am going to look into how i can cut through the plastic behind the arm rest in order to allow ski pass through. I would think i can retrofit the ski cassette after that or fabricate some kind of door to allow closure from the trunk (mostly for noise when the hole isnt in use). I do not need the ski bag and all, thats what some towels/blankets are for but i do need some kind of door system so when the armrest is down it doesnt look completely sloppy.

That being said if anyone has fold down (saddle brown, e90) that they dont use/want and want to trade let me know.
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